Wind & Sky Productions is an independent film production company specialising in short form documentaries.

We make high quality productions for the web, DVD, mobile devices, television, conferences, projectors, installations and social media. Using documentary methods to highlight issues, inspire action, inform and to entertain we take great care over each story – large or small.

We take on commissions and also produce self-driven projects where we develop story concepts, source funding, and bring together project partners and collaborators. We work with our partners to help achieve beautiful, thoughtful productions within the scope and available budget. We also often tie our productions to live events such as screenings and Q&A sessions.

If you have a short film idea or you want your story told talk to us. We may be able to make your idea a reality.

How we work

We believe the best way to engage an audience is to focus on storytelling. Whether the purpose is educational, informational or promotional, sharing real life experiences helps audiences connect, and brings truth and heart to the story.

Production values are important to us. We work on a select number of projects and give our full attention to each one. We are artisans, not factory workers. We base our core production values on the quality and integrity of the final product and not just on economic realities.

We keep our costs down and the quality up through streamlined systems. Productions are kept on track by our transparent reporting and reviewing process.

Our Manifesto

At Wind & Sky Productions we care about people, projects, stories and social responsibility.

We have a strong interest in stories of history and social change with an emphasis on those stories that promote acceptance of diversity and co-operation above partisan conflict.

People are important. We like to collaborate, to teach and to learn. We know collaboration can be prickly, difficult, and hard work. We also know that great projects come about from great collaboration, so the effort is worthwhile.

The story is the thing. It’s always about the story.

We want every project to be as good as it can be. We want it to run as smoothly as it can. We want each project to push us creatively. And we want every project to make a difference, to be virtuous in some way, to have meaning. We want our productions to change people’s lives.

A company is not judged just by what it produces but also by how it produces. We aim to produce content and act to further the social and environmental good of our community. We aim to engage with like-minded groups at every level of our production.

We keep the Company and we are the Company we keep.

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We favour projects that engender social responsibility and promote positive change. We take great care over every story, large or small.

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Harbour Lights

In WW1 Melbourne a pioneering network of women called the Ladies Harbour Lights Guild supported sailors who risked their lives at sea.

The Missing

When WW1 brought Australians face to face with mass death a group of civilian and military volunteers laboured to help families grieve for the missing.

The David Scott Story

Melbourne activist David Scott created an enduring legacy in a life spent campaigning for social justice.