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Client: Deakin University

Produced: 2009

Length: 9.56 minutes

What’s it like studying at the far ends of the Earth? This film follows students of the Bachelor of Arts International Studies as they talk about their internship.

This production was an opportunity for Deakin University to engage with its student body, celebrate student achievements, and promote its innovative Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) program. We sent out a call to students on a foreign posting to make their own video report on location, and incorporated their footage with our own material shot back home. The result was vibrant, exotic and fun. The 10-minute film features interviews with seven students, and is intermixed with mobile phone footage, stills and student reports on location. Completed in 2009, the video has been shown at University Open Days and other events, and is shown on the Deakin University web site.


Produced by:
Jary Nemo and Lucinda Horrocks
Production Company:
Wind & Sky Productions
Directed and edited by:
Jary Nemo
Executive Producers:
Peter Haeusler and Lorna Walsh
Bree Forster, Aaron Gillie, Rohini Shanmugapalan, Angela Spicer, Michaela Whelan, Ali Buchberger, Paddy Tobias, Bianca Plasencia, Bridget Mangan, Luke Coffey, Hanna Blizzard, Angus Smith.
Camera and Sound:
Jary Nemo
Interviews by:
Lucinda Horrocks

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