In Memory of Bull Allen


Client: Ballarat RSL

Produced: 2013

Length: 9.16 minutes


This short film tells the little-known story of Leslie ‘Bull’ Allen, brought up in hardship in Ballarat in regional Victoria, to become a courageous, complex war hero.

Corporal Leslie ‘Bull’ Allen was a stretcher bearer in the Australian Army in World War II who showed extraordinary bravery in recovering wounded men during battle. Our micro-documentary tells the story behind the famous photograph of Allen carrying a wounded soldier over his back during the battle of Mt Tambu, New Guinea, in 1943. Allen was never officially recognised in Australia for his actions on that day. We were commissioned by the RSL to tell Allen’s story to raise awareness of this complex, almost-forgotten Ballarat war hero.

For more information about Bull’s actions and how we made the film, read Lucinda’s blog post The Making of ‘In Memory of Bull Allen.

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The film is free to share, watch, copy, distribute and embed for non-commercial purposes under Creative Commons BY-ND-NC conditions. If you would like to embed the film in your web site, visit the YouTube version of the film and follow the embed instructions under the ‘share’ tab.

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Written and produced by:
Jary Nemo and Lucinda Horrocks
Production Company:
Wind & Sky Productions
Directed and edited by:
Jary Nemo
‘Serenade’ composed by Franz Schubert, arranged by Franz Liszt, performed by Sergei Rachmaninoff. Recorded 7 February 1942. ‘Leslie Allen Theme’ composed by Lucinda Horrocks. © Lucinda Horrocks 2013
Executive Producers:
Alex Tascas and Maurice Keating
Bill Allen, Leslie Allen, Phillip Bradley, David Cranage, Eleanor Johnson
Additional original music by:
Lucinda Horrocks
Camera and Sound:
Jary Nemo
Interviews by:
Lucinda Horrocks
With thanks to:
The Allen Family, Gary Browning, Graeme Cummins, Doug Sarah, Dianne Atkins, Tom Atkins, Rhonda Keating, Pauline Cummins, Alan Douglass, Narelle Caldow, Kristine Morgan, Keith Sharpley, Bianca Stammers, the Internet Archive and the Australian War Memorial.
Financed by:
Ballarat Sub-Branch RSL, Bill Allen, Doug Sarah, Wind & Sky Productions.
Distribution License:
Free to distribute online for non-commercial purposes under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND conditions, all other use requires permission.
Copyright with:
© Ballarat RSL and Wind & Sky Productions Pty Ltd Pty Ltd 2013.

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