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Many Roads – A Celebration

‘Many Roads’ celebrates the Chinese experience of the Victorian gold rush. It highlights the many contributions early Chinese immigrants made to the Victorian and Australian way of life. It is a program of film, performance and visual arts. ‘Many Roads’ is a series of interrelated projects that work as standalone activities but can also be integrated and mixed to produce extended works. Each sub-project in this program is designed to share resources and be adaptable to change. Material gathered during production of the project elements will be provided to cultural organisations, associations and other producers. At time of writing we have five projects in progress.

The Digital Gallery

A digital exhibition of film, audio, text, historic images, manuscripts and artefacts will celebrate the cultural and economic contribution of the Chinese in Victoria. By exploring the hidden history of Chinese people in the gold rush the project aims to uncover the routes the Chinese took to seek gold, the lives they lived and the sort of people they were.

The digital gallery will be a freely available online via Culture Victoria as a resource for all Victorians to access, share and show.


Currently underway and funded by Culture Victoria this project will be live and free to the public mid 2017.

Oral Histories

Memories of descendants of original 1850s Chinese immigrants will be captured on camera in an oral history program. Working closely with local history groups and communities in Victorian goldfields townships, Wind & Sky will interview and record descendants of Chinese migrants about the memories retained in their family histories and the stories they can tell about the Chinese culture which continued in Victoria during their lifetime.

The oral histories will be recorded on camera and transcribed and made available to local collections as a resource for researchers and community members.


We have put in a joint application for funding and are seeking further funding for this project.

Photographic Essay

In unison with oral histories component we will work in collaboration with photographers to produce a photographic essay of descendants of Chinese goldfields era immigrants. This series will form an exhibition and the images will also be used as visual content for the other projects.


We are currently in discussions with photographers and will be seeking joint funding for this project.

The Performance

Wind & Sky will collaborate with creative artists to produce a unique story experience for audiences throughout Victoria and beyond. Working closely with performers, musicians, visual artists, historians, curators, descendants and experts we will weave a live show that amalgamates classic documentary story telling with theatre, music, and spoken word performance. This will represent a single narrative piece seamlessly moving between live action and digital storytelling.

The performance will be toured throughout Victoria in 2018. Currently the plan is to present the performance at existing festivals and events and we have had very positive responses from event organisers so far.

This project is inspired by two projects Wind & Sky produced in 2015-16.


This stirring live musical celebration of the Irish in Australia featured specially commissioned documentary visuals and special effects by Wind & Sky Productions. The concert toured Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Queensland in February 2016. This live event celebrated the Irish impact on Australian life by bringing together an exciting array of music artists from Ireland and Australia.

The Last Goodbye

The Last Goodbye’ was part of the ‘Memories of War’ film and research project collaboration between the RSL Ballarat, Federation University Australia, the Gold Museum, the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka and Wind & Sky Productions.


We are seeking funding and partners for this production. We will be looking for actors, musicians and visual artists to collaborate with us on the touring show. We are also seeking a project partner with suitable expertise in live performance touring to help us get this on the road. Once the core group is decided we will seek funding for this part of the program as a team.

The Documentary Film

This 30 to 60 minute* documentary will tell the story of the Chinese goldfields experience. The film will weave the history of Chinese immigrants and the contributions they made to the Australian cultural landscape. It will amalgamate still image montages, seated interviews and live action to produce a compelling and thought provoking story of struggle and the human spirit.

The documentary will serve to raise awareness of the history of the Chinese, the significance of the Chinese communities in Australia and the incredibly diverse history of Victoria.

The film will provide a lasting legacy and will be made available for ongoing screenings and permanent installation at cultural organisations and museums. We will also seek broadcast exposure through ABC and SBS Australia.

Wind & Sky have been producing documentaries for the past nine years.

See: our productions


We are seeking funding and partners to help produce this film. We are also looking for screening partners to provide venues and support services throughout Victoria.

* Film length will depend on available funding

Other projects

The ‘Many Roads’ program is a flexible model and can expand to accommodate other projects. We will continue to pursue creative and entertaining ways to tell the story of the Chinese in the goldfields and are open to approaches from like minded individuals and organisations.

Extended Use and Flexibility

Each of the sub-projects in this program is designed to share resources and be adaptable to change. Material gathered during production of the project elements can also be put to multiple uses. For instance interviews with participants could be used in a film and also produced as long-form audio interviews in podcast format. Interview transcripts can form the beginning of written case studies. Film stills of interview participants can be used for magazine stills and social media image galleries. All the content can be re-used across web and social media platforms. Use of the material will be individually negotiated with project partners and in most instances we will provide content as Creative Commons for non-profit community and cultural groups.

Partners and Collaborators

Please let us knowPlease let us know if you are interested in becoming involved in any part of this program.

All hands on deck – community engagement

We are seeking groups and individuals throughout the Victorian goldfields region who are interested in working with the producers to provide expertise and be part of a working group. The purpose of this group will be to provide a brains trust and to generate ideas through the planning and development stage. We are very interested in meeting with descendants of the original Chinese of the goldfields and will be guided by input from their knowledge. We will be looking for two way engagements between performance and other artists involved in the project and those with strong knowledge and connections to the history of the region. This will be hands on and we will be seeking a commitment of in-kind donations of time and resources from the partners for each project. Core partners may wish to be involved in the entire project or may agree to take part in stages.

Financial partners

We are seeking funds for all stages of the project and any financial commitment from interested groups including in-kind support will be gratefully received. Additionally we are also looking for support in the pursuit of possible third party funding through government, corporate, cultural and philanthropic organisations. We will be raising funds in stages so that project stages can begin as soon as possible.

General Supporters

It is always beneficial to find support that is non-financial or hands on and to connect to people with an interest in seeing the project come about. Any support and all acknowledgements for this project will be greatly appreciated and we would be very glad of any letters of support and recommendations that you can provide us.