Jary Nemo – Producer

Jary’s background in information systems management, education and film has served Wind & Sky well. As company co-director he has driven strategic development, putting in place the systems and workflows which are the company’s strength. But it is his creative vision and editorial sensitivity which are most prominent in our productions. Jary often leads production planning and acts as director, heading up the visual storytelling. He also works as camera operator and DOP on location, and takes on the mantle of editor in post-production.

Jary - India - Photo Cathy Chen

Jary’s Story

My first love was photography.

At fourteen I saved up enough from my paper round to buy a camera and set up a darkroom in my dad’s shed. Then I progressed to shooting in 8mm film and projecting my ‘art’ for the edification of my suffering friends. At 16 I started a photography business producing model portfolios on contract and other small projects. After travelling I settled in Sydney during the 80’s and started what was to become an eclectic career. I worked doing lights for bands and stage shows and earned a pitiful living working in a screen printing darkroom. Later I trained as a camera operator with Hanna Barbera and became partially responsible for some much-loved cartoons including the Jetsons and Scooby Doo. I moved to Adelaide for a short time and was Director of Animation and Special Effects for a TV documentary series.

Working in the arts allowed me to hone many other skills including taxi driving, waiting tables and a myriad of brief encounters with the dishcloth. A change of career was indicated so I attended University to study Economics and Environmental Studies. This was funded through teaching IT which I had gained a strong interest in over the years. My new skills led me to taking on some very interesting and fulfilling roles working in labour market programs. Throughout the height of the 1990s recession, I taught business, job and motivation skills to people of all ages and developed self-help co-operatives. My expertise in technology and my contacts in the labour market training sector led me to positions on national purchasing boards and finally in 1994 to a role of National Facilitator for one of the first internet based communications networks in Australia. Later I was contracted by RMIT to write ‘The history of the Internet 101’, to consult on the development of their online teaching and learning and to advise on the implementation of their entire University wide internet based information platform.

After leaving RMIT, I worked as a freelance media developer before working almost exclusively with an online media, communications and advertising agency based in Melbourne. Now with many years of experience and hopefully some wisdom to support my endeavours I return to my early love film-making.

Jary Nemo, July 2010.


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