Living With Climate Change

Living With Climate Change


Client: Brimbank City Council

Produced: 2012

Length: 25.01 minutes

How can we adapt to climate change in Australia? This 25 minute film looks to migrant communities in Melbourne’s west, who are living lives of practical sustainability.

As we struggle to understand what impacts climate change will have on us here in Australia, and how we need to adapt, this film draws inspiration from migrant communities who already know what climate change is like. Commissioned by Brimbank City Council, in Melbourne’s multicultural inner west, the film highlights members of the Burmese, Sudanese, Vietnamese and Indian communities of Brimbank. Based on a broader engagement and research program being conducted by the municipality, we interviewed ten community representatives, telling a positive story of sustainability and change through a series of vignettes. The 25 minute film was produced in collaboration with Designscope.


Written and produced by:
Jary Nemo and Lucinda Horrocks
Production Company:
Wind & Sky Productions
Directed and edited by:
Jary Nemo
DVD and Graphic Design:
Kim Percy and Morgan Williams
Devised by:
Kath Brackett and Ellen Kessler
Executive Producers:
Kath Brackett, Ellen Kessler and Kim Percy
Durba Dhiman (Preety), Eric Hakhaw Boilu, Kath Brackett, Kelly Grigsby, Manmohan Singh Shergill, Monica Kanbang, Nyanaguek Jok, Pham, Duyen Anh, Quanh Nguyen, Reverend Daniel Gai Aleu, Venerable Phuoc Tan Thich, Za Tuah Nguri.
Theme music:
‘The Memory of Rain’ Performed by Legless Lizards. Written by Robert Jackson © Robert Jackson 2011.
Camera and Sound:
Jary Nemo
With thanks to:
Vandana Rana, The Gwuad Family: Marial, Deng, Manulk, George, Nyanden and Helen Gwuad, Pa Hmun, Quang Minh Buddhist Temple, Quang Minh Temple Garden Volunteers, Phu Le for the background music at Cafe U&I, Keilor Park Community Centre, Brimbank City Council Community Planning Unit Staff, Professor John Wiseman, Professor Michael Hamel-Green, Dr Colin Hocking, Joanne McCluskey, Dzemka Civic, Community West and thank you to all those taking part in the PhD research project.
Film and DVD Production:
Wind & Sky Productions in collaboration with Designscope.
Commissioned by:
Brimbank City Council.
Thank you to the Wurundjeri people:
Brimbank City Council and the producers would like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri people, who are the Traditional custodians of the land on which the film was produced, and pay our respects to their Elders both past and present.
Distribution license:
Free to distribute online under Creative Commons BY-ND-NC conditions, all other use requires permission.
Copyright retained by:
© Brimbank City Council 2012.

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