Lucinda Horrocks – Producer

As company co-director Lucinda has overseen the expansion of the communications reach of Wind & Sky and with Jary has developed the business framework on which all productions depend. Lucinda’s expertise in research and writing are evident in the style and substance of Wind & Sky projects. She heads up our media presence, is the main author of our blog, and her musical compositions grace our films. On projects she oversees research, media rights, script development and music direction, and conducts the interviews on shoots.

Lucinda’s Story

My first love was music.

I studied classical piano and clarinet until my early 20s. At university, media studies drew me in and I got my Masters degree in comparative literature and cultural studies. I worked for several years in market research at AGB, Field Works and RKR. There I really learned some valuable skills: how to plan and execute a large-scale research project, how to listen to people, how to interview. I went on to become a teacher and researcher at Deakin University. I taught gender studies, media studies, political science and philosophy and I researched policy, politics, sociology and history.

Having honed my skills as a writer for most of my professional life, I am happy writing copy, treatments, research papers and scripts. Writing on social justice issues has been a strong theme. I’ve only been published a few times, but where I’ve been published it’s been about social issues – people and programs for change.

It’s been a great joy for me to be able to combine all of my loves, skills and passions together working for Wind & Sky. It’s a rare vocation that pushes you creatively, has meaning, and utilises all of your talents. I relish it. It’s so exciting. Bring on the next project!

Lucinda Horrocks, July 2010


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