Uncle Bryon Powell – M.A.D.E Digital Stories



Client: Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka

Produced: 2014

Length: 4.07 minutes

Uncle Bryon Powell

Sunrise over Winter's Swamp

Water Reeds, Winter's Swamp

Uncle Bryon Powell

Uncle Bryon Powell is a Wathaurung Elder. His family can trace its descent to the traditional owners of the land around the Ballarat region. At Wathaurung Corporation, Uncle Bryon maintains links with Ballarat’s Indigenous past and culture through ceremony, education and consultation. The story of Indigenous people during the time of Eureka has not been told, argues Uncle Bryon. In this film Uncle Bryon introduces the undisturbed location of Winter’s Swamp, near Ballarat, which contains remnants of Indigenous inhabitation going back hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. He talks about what life was like for Indigenous people before colonisation and details the resilience and adaptability of Wathaurung people on the goldfields in the face of the challenge to their culture and the transformation of their land.

Wind & Sky Productions produced four short digital stories for the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka as part of the commemoration of the 160th Anniversary of the Eureka Stockade. The films are on permanent display in the Museum touchtable exhibition.


On permanent display, Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka, Ballarat.

21 November 2015, Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival (CLIFF)


Produced by:
Jary Nemo and Lucinda Horrocks
Production Company:
Wind & Sky Productions
Directed and edited by:
Jary Nemo
Written and researched by:
Lucinda Horrocks
Uncle Bryon Powell
Camera and Sound:
Jary Nemo
Lucinda Horrocks
Archival images courtesy of:
The Gold Museum, Ballarat, The State Library of Victoria, The National Gallery of Victoria, The W.L. Crowther Library, Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.
With thanks to:
Adrian Burrow, Fred Cahir, Ian Clark, Gary Presland, Claire Muir, Hedley Thomson, the Ballarat Environment Network (BEN), the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI), and the Wathaurung Aboriginal Corporation.
Commissioned by:
Jane Smith, Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka.
Funded by:
Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet.
We give thanks to the Wathaurung people of the Kulin Nation, the traditional owners of the land where the Eureka Stockade took place, and pay respect to their Elders past and present.
Copyright with:
© M.A.D.E. Ballarat 2014. All rights reserved.