Three Wind & Sky Films Celebrated in Australia’s First Online Documentary Film Festival

16 June 2020

There is always nervy anticipation at Wind & Sky Productions when festival selection announcements are due. Did they like our film? Did we get in?

In the time of COVID-19, with so many festivals having no choice but to suspend or cancel their events, we haven’t had expectations of good festival news for some time.

So imagine our delight to discover not only that the 2020 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival was putting on a virtual event, but that they had accepted three of our films to screen in it.

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Ray of Sunshine Released!

13 May 2020

The Virtual Soul Choir project ‘Ray of Sunshine’ has been completed!

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Ray of Sunshine: Wind & Sky Productions Supports the Virtual Soul Choir Project

April 15 2020

In this scary time of the COVID-19 pandemic we all wonder what we can do to help as people struggle with the impacts of reduced income and social isolation in their homes, or how we can support the health care workers and other essential workers doing critical care work on the front lines, or help families and patients fighting the illness itself.

Professional musicians and songwriting couple George and Geoffrey Williams have come up with a fun and generous initiative to help put a ray of sunshine in our lives – the Virtual Soul Choir.

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Bumper Year for Festivals – Most Cancelled Due to COVID-19

April 12 2020

For Wind & Sky, as for many, it’s been a time of change as we adapt to the COVID-19 crisis.

The beginning of March 2020 was a very different landscape. It looked to be a bumper year for festival screenings as festivals around the world wanted to show our films.

Understandably, most of the festivals have now been cancelled or postponed in response to the public health crisis of the novel coronavirus.

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