Lucinda Horrocks writes ‘Discovering an Archive’

Wind & Sky Producer Lucinda Horrocks has had an article published in Provenance, the free journal of the Public Record Office of Victoria.

Mission to Seafarers Melbourne, c. 1920. Public Record Office Victoria.

In 2007, 10,000 rare archival documents were discovered stored beneath a stage in the 90-year old Mission to Seafarers building in Melbourne.

In her story ‘Discovering an Archive’, Lucinda documents some observations about the Mission and its archive, its connections to shipping, sea work and a remarkable unsung community of volunteer women.

Lucinda discovered the world of the Mission to Seafarers Victoria when working on the short documentary ‘Harbour Lights’. The documentary was completed in 2020.

Lucinda was supported to write the article during the COVID-19 pandemic through a Creative Victoria ‘Sustaining Creative Workers’ grant.

Read Lucinda’s article ‘Discovering an Archive’:

Find out more about the documentary ‘Harbour Lights’ :

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