‘The Missing’ nominated for awards in Berlin, Tokyo and Hawaii

We are proud to announce that ‘The Missing’ has been nominated for several awards in the last few months at global film festival events.

Nominations and Finalist Nominations for The Missing

FilmHaus Berlin Film Festival 2022 (November)

Nominee, Best Theme-Driven Documentary

Finalist, Best Short Documentary

More information: https://www.filmhaus.org/

SENSEI Tokyo FilmFest 2022 (December)

Nominee, Best Short Documentary.

Nominee, Best Expository Documentary.

More information: http://www.senseifilmfest.com/

MAGMA Hawaii International Festival of Independent Cinema 2022 (December)

Semi-Finalist, Best Short Documentary

More information: https://www.magmafilmfest.com/

About The Missing

The unprecedented death toll of the First World War generated a burden of grief. Particularly disturbing was the vast number of dead who were “missing” – their bodies never found. This short documentary explores two unsung humanitarian responses to the crisis of the missing of World War 1 – the Australian Red Cross Wounded and Missing Enquiry Bureau and the post-war work of the Australian Graves Detachment and Graves Services. It tells of a remarkable group of men and women, ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, who laboured to provide comfort and connection to grieving families in distant Australia.

More information at: https://windsky.com.au/the-missing/

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