Ray of Sunshine Released!

13 May 2020

The Virtual Soul Choir project ‘Ray of Sunshine’ has been completed!

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Ray of Sunshine: Wind & Sky Productions Supports the Virtual Soul Choir Project

April 15 2020

In this scary time of the COVID-19 pandemic we all wonder what we can do to help as people struggle with the impacts of reduced income and social isolation in their homes, or how we can support the health care workers and other essential workers doing critical care work on the front lines, or help families and patients fighting the illness itself.

Professional musicians and songwriting couple George and Geoffrey Williams have come up with a fun and generous initiative to help put a ray of sunshine in our lives – the Virtual Soul Choir.

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I Circle Around the Studio: Collaboration of Women Audio Artists

In March 2019 Wind & Sky Productions producer Lucinda Horrocks created a soundscape in collaboration with composer/performer George Williams and vocalist Sharon Turley.

Recorded, created and performed by women, ‘I Circle Around the Studio’ explores the multilayered experience of women as artists.

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